Image Policy

Most of the images used on Thanet Waves have been found by searching on Google Images via the Internet. Generally speaking, since the blog posts on Thanet Waves will often feature commentary, criticism or analysis of local news reporting or community-based issues, I consider any image I include on this website to be fair use, found online in the public space and easily accessible and viewable on the World Wide Web.

Consequently, some of the photos on this website may be copyrighted material but I do endeavour to hyperlink each image to the website or URL at which the image was originally found. By doing this, I consider that the source of each image is acknowledged as being publicly available and this acts as a form of citation. I do not feel this is an unreasonable stance because this blog is run entirely for non-commercial purposes.

However, if you are the copyright owner of any photo found on Thanet Waves, I will be fully compliant in the removal of any images you take issue with. Feel free to e-mail me on if you have any problems.