Comments Policy

I have enabled comment moderation on Thanet Waves so that all comments must be approved by myself before they appear online. However, as a firm believer in free speech and open debate, I do not believe it is my role to police public debate, but to stimulate it through open discussion and I feel that to prohibit people’s right to comment freely and openly would be a hindrance to the spirit of good public discourse. Therefore, I see no reason why most of the comments people submit on this blog won’t be accepted, except in unmitigating circumstances where a comment is deemed by myself to be libelous, defamatory or slanderous.

If for any reason a litigious comment has slipped through the net due to an inadvertent oversight on my part, please contact me and I will delete it as soon as it is brought to my attention. Subsequently, if you (or any legal professional) notice any questionable or potentially libelous material in the comments section on this blog, it must be reported directly to Luke Edwards on and I will be fully compliant in its swift removal from the site. In spite of this, I must make it clear that unless I personally made the offending statements myself, liability should be placed firmly with the individual who posted the comment.

Since most comments - anonymous or otherwise - are not contributed by myself, I feel it would be wrong to be held liable for comments made by other people on this blog even if as moderator I might have accidentally had a hand in its publication, in which case I can assure you it could only have occurred via human error alone. As blog host, I will assume responsibility for moderating comments and will try to exercise sound judgment in the approval process, but I must point out that I am not an expert on litigation or a legal lawyer, so in the event that I do approve an offending statement that might be considered libelous or defamatory, please e-mail me and I will promptly oversee the deletion of said statement, co-operate with the complainant fully and issue a public apology to redress any damage caused.

By and large, the comments policy of Thanet Waves is intended to foster an open online environment which enables people to read my posts, then converse by adding their own views to it, exchanging ideas in public debate. It is in the public’s best interest to enable the dissemination of facts (or even rumour) by allowing the majority of all relevant and irrelevant information to be presented on the comments section however arbitrary or contradictory they might seem, provided it isn’t legally questionable, in which case I will try to take rapid action to tackle with and rectify such errors, both in its pre-moderation and post-moderation stages.

Thanet Waves is dependent on interactivity between myself and its readers, so it's within good reason to expect all those who contribute - including myself - should be responsible enough to have the decency to hold opinions which are not unfounded, and not built on inaccurate or irrational hearsay, disinformation, prejudice or conjecture fueled only by malice. That being said, liability and culpability for comments made on this blog should remain firmly on the shoulders of the individual who made them – all of those who wish to contribute to Thanet Waves, both named users and anonymous ones, should know this so that accountability can be assigned accordingly should the situation arise.

Crucially, if a dubious comment appears on this blog and has not been deleted – perhaps circulating a rumour which has a hint of either ignorance or borderline malevolence, or contains a piece of gossip about an individual in which its accuracy is difficult to ascertain – it in no way implies an endorsement of that comment by myself. In fact, I may even approve a comment in order to respond to it myself and ask for further details. But if a comment is highlighted by a reader or known to be false, spurious or inaccurate, or harbours malicious intent, it is recommended you either post a comment on this blog yourself to correct the offending statement, or that you contact Luke Edwards directly on and ask him to either engage with the inaccuracy or to delete it.

Needless to say, if there do not seem to be any implicit legal reasons for the deletion of a comment, it is unlikely inaccurate statements will be deleted, as I feel the best way to deal with contrary views - no matter how objectionable they may be - is to challenge them. Public debate depends upon the reconciliation between conflicting viewpoints and/or the settling of factual disputes by confirming or denying the accuracy of the statements made. By this count, I reserve the right of people to oppose my own views, and my right to oppose theirs, in accordance with the relevance or cogency of the argument. All I ask for in return is civility and a willingness for myself and others to be accountable for everything they say on Thanet Waves... and that goes for me too!

If you have any further questions, please direct them to Luke Edwards on