About This Blog

Thanet Waves is a personal blog featuring views and opinion about local news, upcoming events, places to visit and things to do in Thanet. It is designed and intended to express my own personal views and opinions but freely presents them open to public debate and discussion.

Each post made by myself is intended to express my own personal opinion on a given subject, often backed up with what I feel is legitimate evidence or research to assert my views. Though I'm perhaps slightly questioning about other people's motives, my blog entries are not overtly motivated by malice, and it is certainly not my wish to intentionally destroy people's businesses or reputations. Overall, my views tend to be based upon the knowledge and/or information I have been exposed to at that time, though this should by no account be regarded as set in stone and the reader is wholly encouraged to make up one's own mind regarding its accuracy by posting comments or e-mailing me personally on thanetwaves@gmail.com.

If I regard certainty to be quite legitimate, research, statistics, facts and/or evidence may be presented as such by myself in a clear and reasoned fashion. However, if facts aren't asserted in a blog post, they may occasionally be speculated upon, either in a candid manner or in jest, and will be approached clearly stating that it is my own personal opinion and that I am open to be corrected wrong by whoever wishes to do so. It is also worth mentioning that if more facts come to light regarding any subject, it is possible that I may be susceptible to change my opinion on matters discussed on Thanet Waves at a later date. Therefore, it is to be expected that Thanet Waves should only be regarded as a relative sounding board or a public forum for my perception of events as and when they unfold, and more clarity may even be ushered forth by the comments made by its readers.

This blog is not related to or endorsed by any business and/or organization I am affiliated with, so all opinions on this blog are my own, and not those of my employer. By and large, I do my best to be rather diplomatic and constructive in my criticisms and I strive to remain relatively even-handed and independent-minded, attempting to lend an ear to both sides of a debate.

If there is anything I have mentioned on this blog which you wish to affirm, criticize, validate or call into question, please feel free to e-mail me at thanetwaves@gmail.com and I will attempt to publicly rectify this if such action is required.