Friday, 19 July 2013

Stewy the Graffiti Artist

If you like a bit of street art, you'll love Stewy the graffiti artist. Seemingly fashioning himself as Margate's answer to Banksy, you've probably noticed Stewy's stencil work appearing on the walls of the Old Town shops. Some may love it, some may hate it, but that's what art's all about, is it not?!

You've probably seen this graffiti a thousand times by now, since Stewy was the subject of a KM News article last year, but I sought Stewy's permission to share a lot of his Flickr photos on this blog. Thankfully, he kindly agreed, as I think his work is really quite impressive. Take a look:

It's no secret that Margate has rapidly become a cultural hub for local artists, illustrators, designers and creative types ever since the Turner Contemporary opened, so it's hardly surprising that a street artist of Banksy's ilk started to leave his mark on our seaside town.

You can have a debate until the cows come home about whether graffiti is vandalism or artistically merited, but I see no harm in Stewy's intentions as he doesn't appear to be defacing anything. In fact, I think Stewy's stencils bring some magic to the Old Town centre and really help to define Margate as a fashionable place which welcomes urban artforms. What do you think?

If you want to find out more about Stewy the graffiti artist, do visit his website, or see more examples of his work by visiting his Flickr channel.


  1. Dangerous logic. Is assassination ok if the marksman's a great shot? Should you admire the cat burglar's agility? Forgive the fare-dodger because of the skilled way he eluded the ticket inspector? Marvel at the pickpocket's prestidigitation?
    Tell him to paint on his own bloody walls!

  2. Just had a look at, I would love to see some of the people stencils around Margate. My children had great fun spotting all the animals as we walked through the old town last week.

  3. Shame on you for promoting vandalism! Any idiot can use a stencil. It is not clever, it is not art and it is criminal damage unless the retailers have given consent. They are not even well made stencils. Artists with talent create originals, talentless bums simply copy what someone else has done ... and a copy lacks 99% of the effectiveness of an original. Banksy it aint!

  4. In actuality, I was told last night that Stewy sought permission from all the Old Town shop owners before he did the work. So it's not vandalism - not in this instance anyway.

  5. Not really graffiti then if he asks permission, did he also apply for planning permission to display signs in a conservation area?