Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Don't You Forget About Them

Eighties rock band Simple Minds are coming to Thanet to play the Margate Winter Gardens on Tuesday 16 April. Still going strong after years on the road, frontman Jim Kerr and his band are swapping the glittering stage of their Wembley-headlining heyday with a performance in a long-forgotten seaside town. Finally, he's big enough to play Margate. 

I guess that's why it's reflected in the £37.50 ticket prices. He wants to make it worth our while, bless him. I'm sure there are many local people who've waited a long time for a band of their stature to show us how they're 'Alive and Kicking' despite being well into their fifties. What’s a few grey hairs between friends, eh? 

If you've seen the film The Breakfast Club by director John Hughes, I'm sure you'll fondly remember hearing Simple Minds' biggest hit "Don't You (Forget About Me)" which is still something of a playlist staple on Absolute Radio, my favourite radio station. Admittedly, I'm not averse to enjoying a bit of dadrock, despite not having a dad to introduce me to bands like Simple Minds.

Unlike most people of my generation, however, I'm willing to give Simple Minds time of day, bored as I am of having dross like One Direction and The Wanted shoved down my lugholes. I'm not sure if this gig has sold out, but it does look set to be a very memorable night.

Have you bought tickets? Let us know what you think of Simple Minds...

Photo credit: Oyvind Solstad via Flickr under this Creative Commons License


  1. Sold out, has been for weeks.

  2. I think they sold out years ago :-)

  3. Nevertheless, it's still a good excuse for a blog post.

  4. To be fair, The Winter gardens are getting a few decent bands to play there now.

    The Specials up soon and The Vaccines should be a good night.