Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's Flippin' Pancake Day!

Well I never! I had no idea that it was Pancake Day until I saw it mentioned on Twitter first thing this morning. Has it really been a year since I saw pancakes sizzling on my frying pan last Shrove Tuesday? I suppose it must have been.

I noticed that SEAS Photography has been tweeting some historical pictures from the South East Archive of Seaside Photography today.

Taken at the 1958 Pancake Race at Station Road in Westgate-on-Sea, the photos are well worth a look so I asked for permission to share them on this blog to see what you think. Here's a couple more:

Do you remember the 1958 Westgate-on-sea pancake race? Were you there when these photos were taken? Share your memories below. 

Photo credits © SEAS Photography & Margate Museum via Twitter.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

That's the Hemingway to Do It

If you were in any doubt that Margate is indeed on the uppers in the fashion stakes, Wayne Hemingway has released another advert with Hush Puppies which shows Margate in all its retro chic glory. 

Featuring a rabble of Fred Perry-shirt wearing cool cats, dressed in vintage garb with braces, lollipops and Mary Quant haircuts, they storm the beaches like Quadrophenia-meets-Reservoir Dogs. 

It is undeniably cool - if only all hipsters with Errol Flynn moustaches worked in the Beano cafĂ© flipping burgers. Still, the vibe is street-smart and snappy, and it only reinforces my own belief that Margate is indeed standing on the vanguard of great change. 

An influx of boho sorts and fashionistas are clearly trying to move mountains to bring Margate's idealised nostalgia for its mod past into back the mainstream. That is something something which must be welcomed, and this video proves it. Enjoy.

HemingwayDesign for Hush Puppies SS13 from Jack Hemingway on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Video still from the above 'HemingwayDesign for Hush Puppies SS13' video.