Friday, 5 October 2012

Cool for Katz

Just to give you a heads up, a new art exhibition at the Turner Contemporary in Margate opens on Saturday 6th October – ‘Give Me Tomorrow’ will play host to a career retrospective of pop art pioneer Alex Katz. Now 85-years-old, Mr. Katz’s work laid the groundwork for the pop art movement with his unique approach to figurative painting.

From what is disclosed on the Turner Contemporary website, in his heyday Alex Katz “developed a contemporary figurative language combining the enlarged scale of American abstract painting with the bright colours and graphic style of advertising billboards.” As a keen fan of retro posters and graphic art, look at this Guardian article to see how inspirational Katz's work is to modern eyes. It’s definitely stood the test of time.

I’m actually quite excited by this exhibition. I’ve always been a sucker for pop art. It might be the most hackneyed reference point I can think of, I know, but Roy Liechtenstein’s ‘Whaam!’ painting adorned the wall of my secondary school, so pop art was bound to stick with me through the years.

I really recommend you pay a visit to the Turner Contemporary tomorrow. I’m sure it will be mind-blowing. The gallery opens at 12:30pm and will be open until late so there’s no excuses. Go on, give it a try – it’s cool for Katz!

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