Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What are the Best Wedding Venues in Thanet?

Good news – my fiancĂ©e and I are finally planning on getting married next year. As a result, we’re on the hunt for a decent local venue which offers a wedding package (ceremony, sit-down meal and reception).  Have you got any suggestions for local Thanet venues which are the best places to get married in?

We’re on quite a tight budget, so we’re particularly interested in venues which charge affordable rates or perhaps are currently offering discounts to young couples like us. Our ceremony is likely to be a small and intimate affair with immediate friends and family – obviously no Big Gypsy Wedding-esque extravagance for us, that’s not our style! – but we’ll be opening the reception up to more friends, distant relatives, etc.

So… which wedding venues do you think are the best in Thanet? Which establishments are offering the best wedding packages? Can you recommend some good places that I should look into? Could you tell me about anywhere offering a good wedding package that I’m currently unaware of?

We have a few ideas for venues, but we’re still undecided yet. If you could please leave your comments with wedding venue recommendations, or kindly share your wedding experiences we’d both really appreciate it. I’d welcome your suggestions.

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