Thursday, 9 August 2012

Keane as Mustard

The Winter Gardens will be welcoming Keane to Margate on December 3 as part of their upcoming UK tour. Tickets are £29.50 and go on sale from 9am tomorrow (10 Aug) so please make sure you head on over to to snap 'em up! 

The news that Keane will be gracing the main stage at Margate Winter Gardens is a testament to how Thanet Leisureforce are competently pulling in big names to our little seaside town. Enticing bands of Keane's stature to our local music venue is a sure-fire way of establishing Margate as a cultural destination in its own right, so I'm very pleased with this recent spate of bookings, especially coming hot on the heels of Blur's superb gig at the Winter Gardens last week. 

In the past, it might have been easy to see Thanet as a far-flung corner of Kent which gets neglected by music promoters. Often, top bands such as Editors, The Zutons and The Wombats have chosen to play in Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall instead; and that's if we're lucky. Most rarely even venture past Medway. For that reason, it's refreshing to see big name acts like Keane, Blur and even McFly choosing to play in Margate, so I hope this flush of goodwill towards the Winter Gardens will continue. I'm taking this as a sign that our star is on the rise! 

Hopefully see you there! If you wish to buy tickets, please you visit from 9am tomorrow (10 Aug).


  1. Since Paul Palmer became entertainments manager about 5 years ago he's really turned the place around. I don't work there myself anymore, but during the 4 years I was there (spring 2007 until spring 2011) we had such names as The Stereophonics, Kasabian, Michael Mcintyre, JLS, n-dubz and countless others... and my favourite act of all the people I saw there? P.J. Proby!

  2. I've sung Paul's praises on this blog before, Peter, so I agree with you. I think it's great that the Winter Gardens pulls in popular acts - to be honest, I wish bigger bookings happened more often, but the fact that it happens at all is more than most towns can boast. Not really a fan of JLS or N-Dubz, I'd like to see more indie acts - maybe the likes of Noah and the Whale or the Mystery Jets. I guess we should just be thankful for who we get, even if they might not be my cup of tea.

  3. I'm not a fan of any of the names I listed above (nor Blur really, and I know nothing about Keane), I just mentioned them as they're such big names.

    I must confess I never ever get starstruck simply because someone's famous, rather I was more impressed if it was someone I personally admired (I was thrilled to bits to meet and chat to Graham Knight, bass player with Marmalade!). Having said that, some celebrities who I have no interest in were very nice, such as Frankie Boyle, Joe Pasquale and Jamie Cullum.

  4. The Kaiser Chiefs are at The Winter Gardens on 26 Feb 2013, tickets go on sale 29 August (just in case you're interested!).

  5. I know, got the email the other day. After doing two Winter Gardens-related posts back-to-back I've decided to wait until Tuesday to encourage people to buy Kaiser Chiefs tickets. Otherwise people will start to think I'm working for them!