Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Cllr Ian Driver will be standing as an Independent candidate for the new Kent Police Commissioner role. Hoping to "save billions in police funding which can be re-invested into community policing," Driver told This Is Kent that if he is elected he will support "the reform of old fashioned and unworkable drugs and prostitution laws."

Driver's position on legalising drugs isn't entirely without substance. Journalist Nick Davies (author of Flat Earth News) has written extensively on the subject of drugs and makes the observation that:

"The core point is that the death and sickness and moral collapse which are associated with Class A drugs are, in truth, generally the result not of the drugs themselves but of the blackmarket on which they are sold as a result of our strategy of prohibition."

Davies goes on to add that, for instance:

"Heroin, so benign in the hands of doctors, becomes highly dangerous when it is cut by blackmarket dealers - with paracetamol, drain cleaner, sand, sugar, starch, powdered milk, talcum powder, coffee, brick dust, cement dust, gravy powder, face powder or curry powder. None of these adulterants was ever intended to be injected into human veins."

Nick Davies argues drugs like heroin aren't harmful in their purest form - it's the actions of unscrupulous blackmarket dealers which makes them dangerous. So if drugs were made legal and distributed safely, the blackmarket could essentially be eradicated overnight. But what do you think? Is legalising drugs the answer? I'm not fully convinced.

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  1. I'm more concerned about the prostitution, particularly if it's a career move that Ian Driver ever considers (and let's face it, even that's more likely than him becoming Kent Police Commissioner!).

  2. I thought impersonating a police officer was an offence.

  3. Who said he's been impersonating a police officer? The image above has been photoshopped by myself for the purposes of parody, as if that needed pointing out.

    1. It was tongue in cheek, Luke. In view of the man's physique even a bobby's helmet could not make him look like one. More a darts player in a funny hat.

  4. "I will be standing on a progressive platform calling for the reform of old fashioned and unworkable drugs and prostitution laws "Ian Driver

    I'm sure he's thought all this stuff through, he also wants to reform laws on prostitution, which if we lived in an ideal society, might be a great idea, however I'm not sure, the vile criminal scum who currently traffic women from asia and east europe would probably thank him and expand their grisly businesses with more suffering and of course the victims would continue to be just that without the hope of escape.

    To my mind such naive thinking is positivity dangerous, still maybe Driver knows best but I don't think so.

  5. You're all on crack.

  6. Vote for crack whores! An interesting platform for an aspiring police chief.