Tuesday, 19 June 2012


As if Margate couldn't get any cooler, the hip and trendy singer Shingai Shoniwa of indie rock band The Noisettes has name-dropped the Thanet town in a recent news article on The Independent. Giving a glimpse into her past, Shingai recalls being by the seaside in her youth and discovering new genres of music at what was very clearly an influential time in her life. Discussing the 25th anniversary of the album Graceland by Paul Simon, Shingai says:

"Graceland was always on in my mum's car on her mixtape of old Seventies and Eighties music of Afro-centric beats and rock'n'roll like Led Zeppelin, blasting out as we drove around Margate. My mum's a huge Paul Simon fan so that's where I get it from, I guess."

If you've not heard of her, Shingai Shoniwa is a charismatic, eccentric and enormously talented singer with a very soulful voice. You may have seen her in DJ Mark Ronson's BBC documentary Secrets of the Pop Song recently in which she and The Noisettes helped him to create an anthem. If you've got a moment, have a look at the music video for "Never Forget You” by The Noisettes. Have a listen - go on, lay back and think of Margate!

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