Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Crikey, that Mary Portas story seems to have a lot of legs, doesn't it?! It's all kicking off. The Guardian's Zoe Williams recently wrote that Margate is "divided over its role in Mary Portas reality show" and the Independent even chipped in voicing concerns that "Portas is more worried about putting the needs of her television company before the town." Throw in some hyperbole by the Daily Mail that Portas is 'ignoring poverty in the seaside resort and making it too trendy' and and we officially have a right old hoo-ha.  

Meanwhile, back in the land of the viral video, a couple of YouTube pranksters have put together a Star Wars parody making reference to the Mary Portas TV show and her ding-dong with Margate traders which I thought I'd share:

I'd like to tip my hat to Gazette reporter Thomas Brown and say thanks for bringing this YouTube video to my attention on Facebook. C'mon, you've gotta see the funny side!

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