Monday, 14 May 2012


If you want to catch a glimpse of Arlington House and the now-demolished Richborough Power Station on the tellybox, make sure you tune into Film4 at 1.35am tonight (Mon 14 May) to watch 'A Gun for George.' Obviously, it may be a little late in the day for some of you folks (myself included!), but if you're feeling retro you can always record it by setting your VCRs accordingly, or if you're feeling a bit more tech-savvy, simply Sky Plus it instead! Either way, watch it!

Created by director Matthew Holness, 'A Gun for George' is a short film which is set on the mean streets of Thanet and tells the story of pulp fiction writer Terry Finch who is seeking revenge for the murder of his brother at the hands of local gangsters. I've written on this blog before about Arlington House's appearance on The Reprisalizer website - ostensibly a fan site run by President of the Terry Finch Appreciation Society, Frank Barrow, to publicise Terry Finch's literary canon - but is more likely to be a clever ruse designed to promote 'A Gun for George' and a potential Reprisalizer feature-length film by Holness due for release in summer 2013.

There, I said it! I'm sure some people thought I'd been fooled by my other post, but you should know me better than that! 'A Gun for George' is filmed as a brutal and stark homage to '70s British cop shows, very similar to how Holness's cult classic Garth Marenghi's Darkplace was a homage to cheesy '80s hospital dramas. Given that both projects feature made-up pulp fiction novelists, it's very likely that Matthew Holness is the creative mastermind behind both and that Terry Finch is - shock horror - entirely fictional. I hope Terry doesn't sue me for saying that!

Still, 'A Gun for George' is definitely a must-see for anyone who lives locally and as long as Thanet gets a good bit of publicity out of it, it shouldn't really matter whether Terry Finch exists or not. In fact, if anything, I kind of wish he did! Our local area is crying out for heroic figures, wouldn't you say? On a sidenote, an email I received recently from Frank Barrow bemoans the fact that Richborough Towers were demolished and says:

"Kent feels truly empty without them and the only consolation is that they appear in all their unexploded glory in 'A Gun For George', as does Arlington House in Margate, another staple of the Reprisalizer books (Terry actually lived there in the 70s, by the way - see the website). So, 'A Gun For George' stands as a visual epitaph for the towers and if only Holness' film was a bit longer, it could constitute some form of tribute."

So there you have it, folks. If you want to see Richborough Power Station on TV one more time, with due attention paid to the Brutalist architectural marvel that is Arlington House, tune into Film4 at 1.35am tonight, and enjoy! 

Image is from 'A Gun for George' by Matthew Holness © Warp Films via the British Film Institute website and has been used for educational, informational and non-commercial viewing purposes.

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