Tuesday, 15 May 2012


In a remarkable comeback against the odds, Thanet is officially the area with the most Blue Flag beaches in the whole of England, according a news article on The Independent. In a press release published earlier on Thanet Council's website, it states that nine of Thanet's beaches have been awarded blue flags, the globally recognised certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

This is great news. It's wonderful to see that Thanet's beaches are garnering acclaim on BBC News for being the best in the country meeting sufficient environmental standards when it comes to water quality, access to good facilities, overall safety and beach management. Although, judging by how cold the weather's been today, it might not be a good idea to pop your swimming trunks on just yet. It's probably best to wait until the sun's out. Nobody wants pneumonia, do they?!

I see that Don has done a post on his blog about this, and I completely agree with him, it's very heartening to see that Thanet isn't flagging behind (geddit?!). I seem to remember that BBC News reported last year that we lost six of our blue flags so well done to Thanet Council who seem to have really upped their game over the past year.

It's a real credit to the hard work of local council workers that all six beaches which lost their blue flag statuses won them back this year, so lady luck certainly seems to be smiling on us for once. Now all we need is some sunshine. Bring on the summer!

Image of Margate Main Sands © iknow-uk via Flickr and licensed for reuse. Used with the kind permission of Michelle Simmons who has permitted me to crop the photo. The inclusion of the image is not an endorsement of this post.


  1. .....and our council are debating on whether to encourage more planes to fly over them at a few hundred feet next week. Shame on them.

  2. yes - with fuel droplets (and let's hope ships aren't berthed off the beaches)

  3. Peter, try having a relaxing day on Ramsgate Royal Sands and being disturbed by the din of old jumbos. Noise polution is what I thinks its called. On second thoughts give Ramsgate sands a miss as it currently resembles a derelict building site.