Thursday, 17 May 2012


I came across these hilarious YouTube videos thanks to a tweet by local shop owner and co-founder of Ramsgate Arts, Suzy Humphries. It turns out an oddball musician called Manny Finkelman – an American who claims to be a music industry insider – has been parading around Ramsgate and Margate filming wacky music videos in the first two parts of what he dubs his Thanet Trilogy. These videos had me in hysterics when I first saw them. Have a watch (with lyrics included below):

The Song for Ramsgate

"I'm heading home again to Ramsgate
Our women have exquisite gams, mate
Our students pass all their exams. Rate
Ramsgate right at the table's top

There's nowhere else around the planet
As pretty as the Isle of Thanet
I first drew breath there
I'll die my death there
There's nowhere else that can compare

The people there are England's kindest
Our sightless all of Europe's blindest
The sea air's fragrant. We treat a vagrant
As kindly as the Prince of Wales

We've got the UK's finest beaches
The poetess who visits reaches
For words to praise our brilliance
Our courage and resilience
No words exist, though, that suffice

We've got a picturesque marina
And every local, be he cleaner
Or banker loves to be here
For there is no debris here
The council sees to all of that

I've been to Hong Kong and Geneva
My travels made me a believer
In Ramsgate's being the best
Yes, I feel truly blessed
To call this magic place my home"

Margate, Jewel of the Kentish Coast

"Margate, jewel of the Kentish coast
You're the place I adore the most

The mods and the rockers once fought on our beach
London can't say that. We're way out of reach
of all other cities. We're clearly supreme
We are a jewel, yo, just look at us gleam

Our unions are gentle and make few demands
Folks come from all over to walk on our sands
We may not have palm trees. We're not St. Tropez
We're Margate and happy to keep it that way

The Turner museum's full of fab art
Tears soak our cheeks when we have to depart
It's wicked to chill, yo, in the Shell Grotto
"Margate, you rule" is becoming our motto

Deal makes us squeal and by Broadstairs we're awed
Compared to us, though, all the others are flawed
When Dreamland comes back Brighton's days will be numbered
We've worked hard up here. Meanwhile down there they've slumbered

The Old Town is crowded with wonderful pubs
The seafront's got dozens of restaurants and clubs
There's even a Primark at which to buy knickers
We've got some of Kent's most inspiring vicars

Our blokes are all handsome, our women are beauties
Our civil servants dispatch all their duties
Fabulous stars love to play Winter Gardens
In beautiful Margate a heart never hardens"

I have to be frank, I'm not sure whether Manny is being serious or whether he's taking the mickey. Is he being subversive for the sake of satire, or are we expected to take his music seriously? Maybe that's the idea. It's completely surreal, but almost verging on the work of an eccentric genius, I'd say. Funny stuff. What do you think? I reckon Manny should audition for The X-Factor. He'd certainly give Wagner a run for his money!


  1. Thanks for that Luke, now I know who the man was in the yellow suit, filming himself singing, who I bumped into twice in Ramsgate

    If I had known I would have joined in the chorus.

  2. Thank you for the mention, Luke. Please note that I've now completed the Thanet Trilogy; the Broadstairs video is at Since then, I've also done an anti-Olympics video, and two videos supporting various Thanet separatist movements, Thanet Independence Today and Statehood for Thanet. All at

  3. Please see the third of the Thanet Trilogy at And there are new anti-Olympics and Thanet separatism videos on Manny's YouTube page, Many thanks for the mention, Luke.