Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Russian oligarch and owner of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich has been invited to moor his yacht in Margate harbour. According to last week's Thanet Gazette, estate agent Terence Painter has written a letter to Abramovich which gives this story more than a whiff of Jim'll Fix It about it.
The idea that Mr. Painter can simply write a letter and, as if by magic, Mr Abramovich swings into a harbour which needs 'serious investment' is fanciful to say the least. I'm guessing this is just a fluffy little story to drum up public interest and attract private investment in order to renovate the harbour as a mere statement of intent. It's a noble idea, but a visit from Roman Abramovich only exists in the realms of fantasy. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous.
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Mr. Painter's heart is in the right place, but I'm willing to bet that Roman Abramovich - a billionaire who is more accustomed to living the high life sailing around the Mediterranean Sea splashing £50 million on football players who can't even score goals - will even entertain the idea of parking his yacht in the 2nd most deprived district in the South East, according to the government's Indices of Deprivation for 2010. I wish things were that fortuitous, but they rarely are.
Still, I'm sure there's one person who would be happy if Roman Abramovich's yacht appeared on the horizon... Thanet District Council leader, Clive Hart. Apparently he's a Chelsea fan. Although, in his case, when it comes to his politics, blue is not the colour.
Image of Roman Abramovich's yacht © John Denham via Flickr and licensed for reuse. The inclusion of the image is not an endorsement of this post.


  1. Such a non-story. Unfortunately.

  2. It could happen to mark the opening of the newly refurbished Dreamland and Arlington House. All seem as probable as the pigs flying over the sands during the kite festival. But now that we have a boy wonder as Mayor, then anything is possible?

  3. Quite scary really, Painter's an estate agent who should know that Abramovich's fleet wont fit in Margate Harbour even if you dredge it.

    Abramovich's flagship yacht is 160+ metre's long, and the distance from the furthest point of the inside edge of the Harbour wall, to the slipway is around 180 metre's.

    This gives less then 20 metres clearance for the rest of Abramovich's fleet to get into the Harbour/Marina. So no chance anything else could moor in the Harbour/Marina at the same time.

    The only way Abramovich's fleet could be moored would be to build a marina on the other side of the harbour wall where the old pier use to be.

  4. Crazy to think that one mans boat is BIGGER than Margate Harbour.