Friday, 3 February 2012


I stumbled across an article on This Is Kent's website last week which reported that students from Hartsdown Technology College will be helping Whitstable-based studio and workshop Animate & Create to make a film about Dreamland theme park. The students will be helping to research the film by interviewing local Thanet residents about their memories of Dreamland and gathering together photos and memorabilia from which an animated film will be made.

By all accounts, a scale model of Dreamland in its heyday will be created and brought to life using stop-motion photography, a style famously adopted by Nick Park of Wallace & Gromit fame in his work for Aardman Animations. This reminds me actually  one of my old schoolfriends Sam Blown was a huge fan of making plasticine models and is still trying to eek out a living drawing fantastic cartoons on his website. I recommend you check him out. If you love old-school British eccentricism, trust me, you'll love it.

Funnily enough, I have another friend called Justine Cullen who graduated from the University College of the Creative Arts recently and she herself is a very talented animator who I'm sure would be in her element if she had an opportunity to work with them. I'm sure she'd fit right in. Maybe both she and Sam could get involved with Animate & Create, if they'd be kind enough to take them on, perhaps? I'm not sure if they offer apprenticeships or not but I think both Sam and Justine are more than talented enough to thrive in that sort of environment.

Just like Sam and Justine, the team at Animate & Create are an incredibly talented bunch of people and they do fantastic work so please take a look at their showreel (see below). If this video is anything like what the students at Hartsdown will be working on for the Dreamland film then I'm sure we'll be in for a right treat.

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