Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The proposed demolition of the chimney and cooling towers at Richborough Power Station is going to be discussed by the planning committee at Thanet District Council tomorrow (Wednesday 18 January). I'll be honest, I'm not really sure how this planning committee malarkey works. Does this mean that we'll get a definitive yes or no whether the demolition is going ahead? Can anyone enlighten me? 

While we're still on this subject, I noticed on the drive past Richborough Power Station that there's a huge sign (see the above picture) describing the proposed Green Energy Plant as “the only solution for the residents of East Kent that already has planning” adding that “there is no need for TWO energy plants we have the only ONE required.” If that's not a blatant attempt to resort to propaganda – oops, sorry, I meant advertising – to fill the heads of passersby with pro-demolition messages then I don't know what is.

It gets more in-your-face though. If you think that sign's not persuasive enough, or that they're not trying hard enough to convince the public that blowing things up is the only way forward, check this out...

I've noticed lots of these signs on the drive past the power station. It's signage for DDS Demolition Ltd., a company which describes itself as “a demolition company predominantly operating throughout Kent, London and the South-East” and that they are “a front runner in the demolition industry.” Clearly, they make no bones about the fact that they're interested in being destructive (quite literally), and judging by the dozens of signs they've hung up along the fence near the Richborough Roundabout, it looks like they're more than eager to do the job. 

So, despite the fact that an official decision about the power station's demolition hasn't yet been made by TDC (as far as I'm aware), it seems as though the site's owners at Richborough are upping the ante by going crazy with the signs to win the PR battle with passing drivers. You'd almost think that the demolition of the towers and chimney is a foregone conclusion, wouldn't you?


  1. As one old enough to recall the landscape views across the marshes towards Pegwell Bay without the towers, they cannot go soon enough for me.

    Removing sentiment, however, if they are to serve no useful purpose in the future of the site why carry on the cost of maintaining them. They are not exactly pretty and the fact they are an accustomed landmark is hardly justification for keeping them.

    Perhaps, if the proposal was that they be retained at a cost to the public through Council Tax, the support for them might dwindle.

  2. A quick Google will show you that TW Services (aka Thanet Waste) and DDS Demolition (formerly Downfast Demolition) are both owned by the same family.