Monday, 7 November 2011


Tracey Emin has told BBC's The Culture Show that her exhibition at the Turner Contemporary next year will be rather naughty indeed. Never one to shy away from what may be considered a sexual faux pas, Emin suggested to interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon that the 'hardcore' tone of the exhibition looks set to be quite raunchy, with her work featuring alongside J.M.W. Turner and Auguste Rodin. She told him:

“Basically, it's all erotic art. Not everyone knows that Turner did a lot of erotic paintings and watercolours – and, well, obviously Rodin did – but much more raunchy than people ever... All everyone knows is about The Kiss but his other stuff was really hardcore, you know. So I think they'll be bringing that out and I'll look like some placid nice young lady, I think, in comparison to them.”

I'm sure all the nation's perverts will be rubbing their trousers with great enthusiasm at the news. So there we have it – it looks like we'll be treated to lots of nudey bits and bobs being flashed in front of our faces to mark Tracey Emin's homecoming. Oh, joy of joys.

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  1. Shame about the time, that could've brightened up Lizzie's visit! I guess Margate is a lot more liberal than it was a decade ago.