Tuesday, 11 October 2011


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You might have noticed I haven't done much blogging lately. Don't worry, I have a good excuse. I moved house last month and unfortunately still haven't got a Sky Broadband connection set up. For some reason, Murdoch's minions have been dragging their feet setting up a new phone line for me. At first, they told me my house didn't have one and I'd need to pay BT Openreach to come and do some engineering work. Then, all of a sudden, Sky discovered I actually did have one, and sent me a letter telling me they'd be activating it at some point this week.

Obviously, once I have a phone line, there'll be a longer delay waiting for online access so... I doubt I'll have a permanent internet connection set up until the end of this month. Since it's been a heck of a long time that I've been surfing the World Wide Web, it's got me thinking about a few things. For one thing, why do internet service providers take so bloody long to set things up? I seem to remember reading an article on Wired.com about how a U.N. report declared internet access a human right. Using that logic, wouldn't that mean that my human rights have been violated by Sky's dilly-dallying?

If internet access truly is a human right, surely that'd give all ISPs a real kick up the backside to set up internet connections more speedily? Speaking figuratively, if I were being petty, I could write Sky a strongly-worded letter and use the U.N. report to argue that not being able to use the internet for the past month could be considered a human rights violation. Then again, if Theresa May gets her way with scrapping the Human Rights Act it looks like my pleas would probably fall on deaf ears. I am, of course, only kidding, but it does get you thinking. I rely on the internet for so much more than blogging, so it has felt like I've been without a limb for a good few weeks. Still, I'll be back before you know it. I'll try and post whenever I can. Hang tight.

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