Monday, 22 August 2011


Modern art madam and Margate homegirl Tracey Emin has installed a gaudy neon sign inscribed with the words 'More Passion' in 10 Downing Street. Similar to the 'I Never Stopped Loving You' sign Emin installed above Droit House in Margate last year, this new artwork - believed to have cost around £250,000 - hangs on the wall of the Terracotta Room, which should come as no surprise considering Prime Minister David Cameron is reportedly a fan of Emin's work. 

Whether this is just a case of our mate 'Dave' donning the Emperor's New Clothes is a matter up for debate, but what's for certain is that Emin was keen to 'tone down' the rudeness of her previous works to make it more accessible. "It has to be something that will relate to different people on different levels because of all the dignitaries and world leaders and religious groups who go to No 10," Emin told the Telegraph, "so it has to be something that's fitting for that situation."

Personally, I feel that Tracey would've done better to capture the public's cynicism about our politicians by creating a more foul-mouthed sign which said 'More F***ing Passion!', but maybe that's just me. As for the cost, I think the final word should go to Jools from the North, who posted this about Emin's new chef-d'oeuvre in the Daily Mail's online comments section:

"£250,000??? My local chippy has one similar. No wonder he charges so much for a cod and chips. Outrageous."

Hmm, not a bad idea that. Maybe Peters Fish Factory should call up Tracey Emin and get her to design them a sign too. They'd make a killing!

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  1. When you say "installed", do you mean she put the plug in the socket?