Monday, 6 June 2011


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I've just seen on BBC News that local green campaigners are protesting about a company's plans to drill for gas in Woodnesborough near Sandwich. Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd were hoping to use a controversial drilling technique called 'fracking', a form of shale gas extraction which has been criticised by environmental activists for contaminating drinking water, with scientists even claiming in a study that it has a danger of making H2O flammable. Yikes!

'Fracking' is also feared to have caused earthquakes, according to Most recently, drilling in Blackpool was halted by Cuadrilla Resources after the British Geological Survey reported a 1.5 magnitude earthquake near the gas exploration site. Such concerns have also been raised in the USA, where many experts have warned that 'fracking' may cause man-made earthquakes after a series of a similar quakes hit Arkansas. 

However, if you're a fan of Battlestar Galactica, like I am, then you probably won't be able to hear the word 'frack' and be able to take it completely seriously. No matter how many tremors it may trigger, the concept of 'fracking' will always bring a smile to my face. Here's why:

Did the earth move for you? Let's fracking hope not.

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  1. Though I did laugh at the Battlestar compilation, I am concerned over the shale gas extraction. Thank you for highlighting this. Here is a link for the incident in Blackpool: