Friday, 17 June 2011


Love Music Hate Racism festival is coming back to Thanet tomorrow (Saturday 18th June 2011) with an impressive roster of musicians jamming on the main stage with a genre-bending extravaganza on Ramsgate's Harbour Parade. Headlined by old school jungle icon, Congo Natty (known as The Rebel MC), the line-up also features indie ska outfit Kid British, Margate's prodigal son and UK hip hop rising star Mic Righteous and Pie Factory Music-affiliated drum 'n' bass MC Spookasonic.

© Copyright Love Music Hate Racism. Image used with permission from Bunny La Roche.
I'd like to mention that also playing on the main stage is a band called Morning Departure who I once saw play at the Last of the Summer Wine festival back in 2009. I wrote an article about them which got published in the Thanet Extra so since then I've become quite well acquainted with lead singer Kieron Stone on Facebook. It's great that his band earned themselves a slot at this event and I believe that Kieron is even making a 30 minute documentary about the festival. There's also a local punk band called The Anarchists Pogo Party playing at the festival's after party in the Belgian Café whose lead singer Mark Loader is somebody I've met in the past. They're well worth checking out (if your ears can handle it!)

But let's not forget what Love Music Hate Racism is all about. It's about celebrating Britain's multicultural society and the melting pot of musical ingenuity that brings, which is why this festival aims to showcase such a variety of genres from a refreshingly mixed bag of musicians, all in a spirit of racial unity and togetherness. In other words: racists need not apply.

You can attend the festival from 12 noon onwards tomorrow at Ramsgate's Harbour Parade and there will be food and drink aplenty! It's bound to be a blast – whatever the weather!

By the way, I couldn't help but notice that LMHR local group chair is Jon Flaig. Is he any relation to Tony, local blogger for Big News Margate? Does anybody know?

In the meantime, here's a bit of Kid British to get you in the festival spirit...

I'm sure many people in Thanet can relate to that song...

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