Tuesday, 8 March 2011


When looking at Margate Old Town's Facebook page, I noticed that an interesting status appeared recently which appeared to take a swipe at Tory Cllr Simon Moores:

“Mmmm, Cllr Moores throwing his weight around on the blog scene again. Anyone seen the lesser spotted Moores in the area recently? No? But he is so keen to make changes down here, you’d think he’d at least visit the place.”

Needless to say, this was a very interesting statement. When I commented about them getting political, the Margate Old Town Poster replied:

“Well, we do action, enterprise, community and inclusion, why not political. What we don’t do is snidey... we leave that up to certain Tory Cllrs.”

Now, I don’t want to make assumptions, but I think the motive behind this status may have originated in a post on Maisiegrace’s Weblog, on which Cllr Moores posted a comment which seemingly accused the poster of being uninformed. Is anyone noticing a recurring trend here?! I recommend you take a look. We could be witnessing the start of a revolution.


  1. Luke I suggest you read what I actually said about uninformed comment... ie accusing the council and indirectly me of trying to make 'A fast buck' from the caves development which is n fact in abeyance. I would call that pretty uniformed, wouldn't you?

  2. Pretty uniformed, this would be Rita meter maid would it.

  3. Well, she seems to think there's a plan afoot "to build houses all over one of Margate’s remaining attractions, the Margate Caves, for a quick buck." On that count, I believe she’s exaggering the true nature of the planning application she’s referring to, but I can sympathise with those like her who are upset about the closure of the Margate caves and obviously my hope is that they’ll eventually reopen at some point.

    I think people feel that closing tourist attractions like the caves is an affront to Margate’s heritage, especially since Margate is going to be basking in the glow of publicity when Turner opens and it’d be nice if the money could've been allocated well in advance to keep the caves open to impress the tourists. People are naturally going to be disappointed at their closure, myself included. A commenter called Sarah seems to think an FOI request has revealed that the true cost of repairs to the caves is £55k – is there any truth in that, Simon?

  4. Simon has gone very quite all of a sudden.

  5. Not quiet but haven't been back for a while as the action is elsewhere and I thought I had made my point.

    I'll try again!

    The council didn't close the caves, it was an HSE prohibition notice in 2004

    There is no 'True Cost' to repairing the caves, it was an 'Estimate' for work required at the time of closure. Factor in inflation, several years of being left unattended and come up with a new estimate. Be a bit Conservative, forgive the pun and £100,000 or more wouldn't be usual for any business to take into account moving forward. If it's less then well and fine!