Sunday, 18 October 2009


It's easy to sneer and say there's nothing to do in Thanet, or that there's not much to entertain us. But on the contrary, there's plenty we can do to keep ourselves busy. And no, I don't mean getting drunk, or playing Xbox 360, I mean joining one of the many clubs and societies which, unbeknownst to a lot of us, exist right on our very doorstep.

I've been e-mailed by Parker Jones, who has made me aware of a local online directory called Active Thanet. Parker's mission is to gather together all of the clubs and societies in Thanet on a wiki, so I'm very pleased he's raised my awareness of this. I think it's fantastic that somebody is making an effort to maintain a directory of goings-on for people to peruse.

Indeed, like Parker, I'm quite amazed by how much is actually happening, merely by taking a quick gander at the website. By last count, there's 374 clubs and societies, each gathered into categories pertaining to your hobbies or interests are (e.g. sports, music, art, writing, poetry, etc.). I've always been eager to discover a club or society which I could potentially join. As a guitarist who would ideally like to play in a band, I was hoping to find a group or a society of musicians on Active Thanet that I could join to play some music and have a good ol' knees up.

Alas, the closest I've come to finding something on Active Thanet is Island (Folk) Music Club. The other one, Pie Factory Music, to my memory, is hip hop or MC-related fare, or if not, then it's mainly targeted to young people under the age of 18. Since I'm 23, I'm a little bit over the required age bracket to muck in and rock out, but I still haven't given up hope. If anybody else can suggest a group of musicians or a local society who'd like meet up and have a jamming session, then I'd be more than happy to hear from you, and I'm sure Parker will obligingly add you to the wiki.

Nonetheless, I think Active Thanet is brilliant, and it really does open up your eyes to how much there is occurring in the local area which otherwise would've probably escaped people's notice. So I'd like to thank Parker Jones for e-mailing me and bringing it to my attention – setting up a local wiki is a real masterstroke and I can only hope it continues to grow and inspire more clubs and societies to pop up like grapes on a vine. Then we can drunk. On the wine of activity. From the grapes. If you'll pardon the crap metaphor.


  1. Speak to Terry at M&G music. York Street Broadstairs. He`ll point u in the right direction for folk jams. The Wrotham Arms(just along from the shop) usually has such a night on Fridays. Talking of clubs, what about joining the Ancient Order of Druids(Cliftonville seafront). It`s there, honest!

  2. Do The Britannia still have weekly jam nights? They used to be pretty good, though better still were the monthly jam nights at The Cottage (Margate High Street) in the mid '90's, great days!

  3. PS. I've been known to play guitar myself from time to time, which is a blatant plug! ; )

  4. Hi, any musicians out there interested in an open mic night in Margate? There ain't one. Let's start one. All ages, no restrictions. email me:

  5. So there definately isn't one in The Britannia now Eric? I haven't been there in a while but they were certainly still doing them a few months back.