Thursday, 24 September 2009


I've managed to find this YouTube music video by Ramsgate-based MC, Anthony Johnson, better known by his alter ego, MC Spooka. He currently tutors aspiring MCs for Pie Factory Music, but as you can see from the music video, there's no denying that the guy can certainly spit rhymes with the best of 'em. He's got regular play on BBC Radio Kent and even got some recognition on London's urban radio station, BBC 1Extra, so he's certainly one to watch, I'd wager. If this has whet your appetite, make sure you listen to more of his stuff on

Some of MC Spooka's freestyling can also be found on YouTube - like this video of his appearance on CSR FM – in which he busts some lyrics over a drum 'n' bass groove, while his mate annoyingly keeps trying to interject with the word 'brap!' in the background. If you're familiar with hip hop, R&B, drum 'n' bass or urban music, then it's not hard to acknowledge that the relatively lo-fi and homespun production values MC Spooka utilizes do have some commercial appeal, so I wish him the best. It'll be nice if a local MC can give Dizzee Rascal a run for his money.

He's also, from what I can gather, an aspiring actor. Do you remember that recent Exodus movie, filmed upon our very shores? Apparently, Anthony Johnson played one of the leading characters, so he's quite evidently a man of many talents. I mean, sure, seeing this music video does place you outside of your comfort zone, especially if, I imagine, you don't have much patience for hip hop. But seeing someone waxing lyrical about 'Planet Thanet' is quite inspiring on its own merits; sure, it'll be hard to swallow by those with perhaps more conservative listening habits, but anything to put our local area on the map can only be a good thing in my book. For that reason alone, MC Spooka deserves our wholehearted support. I tip my hat to him.

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