Monday, 7 September 2009


Did you miss me? Much to my annoyance, I haven't been able to write any blog entries for the past few days because my Orange Livebox is on the blink. Well, actually, the Livebox is 100% functional apparently, it's just getting an "intermittent signal". To top it off, Orange have also been doing a 'test' on our phone line which has left me without Internet access for the whole bloody weekend.

Don't ask me why. Our broadband's been working perfectly fine for the past month, but for some reason, it's just not good enough for Orange, so they've insisted upon doing whatever they bloody well like and giving me the middle finger salute. I shouldn't moan really, because this is the first major problem I've had with them as an ISP, but since moaning is my forté, I'm gonna do it anyway.

It wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't have acted so clueless about it. When I phoned them up, they tried to tell me that there was a problem with our ADSL filter, asking me to go out and buy a new one. When that didn't work, some young girl wiped all the Livebox settings in the hope that it could be reprogrammed to work. Then I spoke to somebody else who said: "Oh, actually, it says here your line's being updated... Computer says 'Doh!'"

Obviously, I wasn't told this was happening. But that didn't some stop some other Orange drone trying to tell me: "You were informed about this. We sent a letter." Hmm, well, if that's the case, where's the letter? Was it daubed in invisible ink, and printed on thin air? This whole debacle has forced me to scrounge somebody else's internet to post this little rant, in case you're confused. Anyway, as I'm sure you've all been missing me hugely, once the internet's fixed, I shall - in the words of Arnie Schwarzenegger - be back. Hasta la vista baby!

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